Extension to Scope – UKAS accredited geotechnical testing

We’re pleased to announce that our UKAS accreditation’s scope of testing now includes the tests as follows;


  • Shear Strength – Small Shearbox

    BS 1377: Part 7

  • Determination of the One-dimensional Consolidation Properties

    BS 1377: Part 5

  • Dispersibility – Pinhole test

    BS 1377: Part 5

  • Incremental Loading Oedometer test

    BS EN ISO 17892-5

  • Determination of Plastic Limit

    BS EN ISO 17892-12

  • Determination of Liquid Limit by the Fall Cone method

    BS EN ISO 17892-12

  • Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression test

    BS EN ISO 17892-8


Congratulations to the team for their efforts.

For more information in regards to these tests, please contact us.