Introducing our language student Alex Moreno

Alex Moreno - Aggregate Testing - Chemistry Laboratory.jpg

We would like to welcome our new language student Alex Moreno from Conlan School. Alex is currently completing a 4 week work experience placement as part of our long standing relationship with Conlan School. Conlan School are a small language institution which has been in Abergele for almost 20 years and Chester for 7 years. Conlan School has a strong ethos based around helping young people gain invaluable knowledge through a socio-cultural experience in which they immerse in a community and benefit linguistically while improving their soft skills and work skills.

They specialise in bespoke language courses and work-based learning and work mainly with Italian students who have been selected and funded by the government, on projects such as Erasmus, to come to the UK and take part in work-based, non-formal learning. Since 2013, Celtest has helped give a number of students the fantastic opportunity to come to the UK and benefit from the experience, as described below.


The first student that we had working at Celtest was Elisa Longhi in 2013, Elisa had a fantastic experience working with Celtest, as has every student that has done work experience there since her.


Celtest has accommodated a number of our students in the last 6-7 years and has provided an experience that improves our students’ technical knowledge of their subject and gives them an insight into working practices in the UK, British culture, and aids them in improving their language and work skills.

Our learners always leave Celtest with better skills and knowledge than when they arrived and with the feeling that they have grown both professionally and personally.

We greatly value the support given by Celtest at this early stage in our learners’ career path and feel that our learners receive a very high-quality experience while working with Celtest that they will remember for the rest of their lives”. Marc Biggam, Director of Studies at Conlan School.

Alex will be spending the majority of his time within the aggregate testing department, focusing on chemical testing of aggregates.


We wish Alex good luck on his 4 week work experience placement.