Q&A: Hywel Evans, IT Apprentice

Tell us about your apprenticeship:

I started my apprenticeship on the 14th of January, and so far, I have really been enjoying my time at work. Everyone has been very supportive, and I am confident that my studies will be beneficial for both myself, and Celtest.


What do you like most about working in IT?:

One of the benefits of working in IT is the level of variety in the day-to-day tasks I perform.

Whether I'm installing a new system, diagnosing technical problems, or programming, there is always a new challenge and a new opportunity for personal development.


What advice do you have for others thinking about an IT apprenticeship?

I’d definitely recommend it, especially for someone who learns best through hands on experience.

Although apprenticeships may be seen as less fashionable than a university education, you cannot overlook the value of in-situ learning alongside established industry professionals.


What are the biggest challenges facing the sector?

One of the challenges the sector is facing is digitising paper documentation.

The transitioning away from paper documents is essential in enabling the industry to keep up pace with the already fast-moving world of information technology.


What are your personal ambitions for the future?:

At this stage I’m mainly focused on continuing to develop my knowledge and competence in the field of IT.