BS EN 12697 – Bitumen Testing Service

With over 35 years’ experience in materials testing, Celtest offer a wide range of tests within the BS EN 12697 testing series.

Should you require any testing that is not listed below, or require any further information, please contact us.


Binder & Grading (Binder determined by difference)

Binder & Grading – Binder directly determined

Binder Recovery (Rotary Evaporation)

Binder Recovery (Rotary Evaporation) / Penetration / Softening Point

Maximum Density – Volumetric Procedure A

Bulk Density

Air Voids

Percentage Refusal Density

Affinity between aggregate & bitumen (Rolling bottle)

Affinity between aggregate & bitumen (Static)

Gyratory Compactor

Water Sensitivity – Method A & Method B

Determination of particle loss of porous asphalt

Binder Drainage (Schellenberg Method)

Binder Drainage (Basket Method)

Permeability of Bitumen Specimen (Vertical)

Permeability of Bitumen Specimen (Horizontal)

Wheel Tracking (per 200mmø Core)

Indirect Tensile Strength

Resistance to Fatigue

Cyclic Compression – Method A

Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus

Dimensions of bituminous specimen

Specimen preparation by roller compactor

Marshall Test (Stability & Flow)

Thickness of Bituminous Cores

Hot Sand Test

Amount of Foreign Matter

SATS testing

Resistance to Fuel

Resistance to de-icing fluids