Drilling & Sawing

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Drilling & Sawing Services


Celtest provide a wide range of specialist concrete cutting and drilling services undertaken by experienced and highly skilled technicians.

Our comprehensive range of services in this field includes the following drilling and cutting techniques:

  • Core samples of concrete, bituminous materials and rock for analysis.

  • Service openings and general controlled demolition of concrete using wall sawing, diamond drilling and wire sawing techniques.

  • Concrete and rock bursting / crunching.

  • Drilled holes for mechanical and chemical anchors.

  • Specialist decommissioning works in radiologically controlled sites.


We keep a large range of diamond core drills in stock ranging from 7mm to 600mm including core retrieval systems with a variety of sizes, including next day custom sized core barrels. Larger diameter holes can be created using stitch drilling methods; this involves drilling a series of small core holes to remove larger sections of concrete. Depths can be altered by the use of drilling extensions. The longest core completed by our technicians is 37m, horizontally through concrete.

Celtest also have a range of floor, wall and wire saws at its disposal. Our range of floor saws can take up to a 1500mm diameter blade for cutting asphalt or concrete. The range consists of diesel powered and electric powered versions for cutting indoors. Wall saws also known as track saws are mounted on a track which is anchored to surface for straight and accurate cutting to depths of over 500mm.

Wire sawing is a highly versatile cutting system that uses a diamond impregnated wire that runs through a system of pulleys. As it is a flexible wire, pulleys can be mounted in various locations to access hard to reach places. Celtest have used this method for controlled demolition in nuclear power stations and for the controlled cutting of bridges and other large concrete structures.

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